Learn how to spot the seven categories of things to stop doing in your organization. This allows you to free up tremendous amounts of capacity (that you were sure you didn't have). If you're facing a large investment to expand your office space, install more technology, or hire more staff, you need to see through this lens first.

Then, learn the handful of questions you can ask that give you a rock-solid anchor to tether to in the whirlwind--a North Star you can count on to guide you in the precise, right direction.

Learn the foundational principles and tools that allow you to think at a systems level--which is quite often where we need to be in order to solve our most difficult, professional problems.

Level up your professional game. Become much more valuable to your organization, your team, your customers.
Thanksgiving Point
3003 North Thanksgiving Way Lehi, UT 84043
Date & Time
September 23, 2022, 8:30 AM - September 24, 2022 - 1:00 PM

The world's leading authority on how to apply the Theory of Constraints to governments and nonprofits.  Perhaps best known for orchestrating a 35 percent improvement across Utah's $20B executive branch.
Kristen Cox
Keynote speaker.  Author.  Trainer.  Consultant.  Founder and CEO of Epiphany Associates, LLC.  Co-founder of The Fulcrum.  Executive Director of the University of Utah's Transformation in Operational Performance (TOP) Executive Education program.
Max Brown
Co-owner of Institute of Enterprise Excellence.  Keynote speaker.  Leadership coach.  Entrepreneur.  Investor.  Founder of the Purpose & Principles Podcast.
"Cannot say enough incredible things about Kristen Cox and these in-person summits.  I attended one when I was a Deputy Director in Florida, and I highly recommend this!" -Alexandra
Friday, September 23rd
8:30 AM
Breakfast (provided)
9:00 AM
Session 1: Solving Real Problems for Real People
10:30 AM
Morning Break
10:45 AM
Session 2: Seeing the Bigger Picture
12:15 pM
Lunch (provided)
1:00 pM
Session 3: Finding Your Focal Point in the Whirlwind
2:30 pM
Afternoon Break
2:45 pM
Session 4: Work one-on-one with Kristen and her team
Saturday, September 24th
8:30 AM
Breakfast (provided)
9:00 AM
Session 5: What You Don't Flow Can Hurt You
10:30 AM
Morning Break
10:45 AM
Session 6: The Leadership Challenge
11:45 AM
Lunch (provided)
Most leaders and managers encounter at least one point in their career where they face what seems to be an impossible problem.

We've created a one-of-a-kind, two-day workshop that allows you to walk away with a solution, even if you've been struggling with an issue for months.

In the past (and still today), these "Solution Design Workshops" were (and are) only held privately for one organization at a time.  For the first time, we're holding a modified, public event based on this workshop where leaders and managers from multiple organizations can attend.

Put an end to the sleepless nights, get this issue behind you, and move onto the next challenge with greater confidence.
What Makes the Fulcrum Summit So Different?
Think half conference, half workshop.

The idea is we don't want do this in typical conference style where speaker after speaker sprays you with a fire hose worth of great information, but you're expected to think about it, process it, or figure out how all that material applies to you and your organization when you get back home.

Why? Because...that rarely works.

We've all been there. We're still enthused and clutching our conference notebook as we walk into work the next workday, and there it is: the whirlwind, sneering at you, and just waiting to sweep you back up. Suddenly, the "organize conference notes" task drops to the bottom of the list and may never get done.

This will be different.

The format of each of our sessions will be about 45-minutes of a speaker, then you'll spend the next 45-minutes or so working through what you just heard, so you go back home with lots of tangible, actionable, organized ideas.

For instance, after our first session you'll walk away with:

  • A list of the current initiatives and/or projects that fall into the "fish decorating" category with an estimate of the capacity you could free up if you stopped them.
  • Written clarity around who is your primary customer? What is their primary need? Do you have any strategic customers? If so, what are their primary needs? 
  • And what is blocking you?
  • Know how to translate your customers' primary needs into your throughput--along with the metrics you'll use to measure it
  • Know if any of your current organizational goals fall into one of the four traps, and how to change them to be effective.

And that's just the take away from Session One!

If this were a private workshop we'd be doing for a client, this would be several thousand dollars as a price comparison. We've priced this much lower than we originally discussed in order to make it more accessible to more Fulcrum members and clients.

We sure hope you can join us!
"Kristen repeatedly blew my mind as I'd listen to her present slide after slide of detailed economic and budgetary data from memory.  When she talks about understanding systems, I can think of few with more expertise in disparate technology systems, organizational types, or government functions.  I'm incredibly impressed with her work, example, and tenacity." - Justin
Hotels and Accommodations
This SpringHill Suites by Marriott is by far the closest hotel to the venue.  They essentially share the same parking lot.
Other hotels nearby

• Courtyard by Marriott Lehi - Thanksgiving Point
• Hampton Inn Lehi - Thanksgiving Point
• Holiday Inn Express & Suites, Lehi - Thanksgiving Point
• Home2Suites by Hilton Lehi - Thanksgiving Point
• Hyatt Place - Lehi
 Join us on September 23rd & 24th 
We look forward to hosting you!

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